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Are You Ready to Heal from Your
Past Trauma?

Alchemize Your Life

Heal Your Trauma Wounds, Release Your Struggles with Self-Worth, Relationships, Parenting, & Safety
A self-paced course by Mindi Kessler, PhD

Are you aware that you experienced childhood trauma, but you don’t know how to heal from it?

Do you find yourself behaving in ways that you don’t like, such as being co-dependent, people-pleasing, controlling, or perfectionistic – but you don’t know how to stop?

Do you remind yourself of your parents, in ways that make you cringe?

Do you long for more peace in your life, but don’t know how to get it?

Are you tired of being so flipping self-critical?

If so, you may be ready for trauma alchemy

When we are disconnected from our true self, because of childhood trauma, we live on auto-pilot mode, going through the motions of life, but not really living, and definitely not thriving.

We unconsciously use tools to navigate our adult life that we used to survive adverse circumstances in childhood – even if we don’t need them anymore. These tools can include numbing, people pleasing, self-sacrificing, avoiding, and denial.

We repeat patterns we witnessed in childhood, because our brain guides us to do what is familiar. We may parent our children similarly to how we were parented and can feel ashamed because we told ourselves we would parent differently than they did. Or maybe your parenting pendulum has swung in the other direction, and you feel your kids are walking all over you but aren’t sure what to do about it.

Maybe you feel unmotivated and uninspired and find yourself under-functioning in life.

You can’t seem to find the inspiration to get out of your rut, the rut that contains a bad relationship with a partner, with food, with fear, and with life itself. The result is that you feel like a failure.

You know that how you are living is not really working for you but do not know how to do things differently. You need help finding yourself.  You need alchemy.

Not to worry!!

You don’t have to be a prisoner of your past.

You can alchemize your life and transform your wounds into an even more beautiful life than you ever thought possible! Post-traumatic growth is what happens when we heal our wounds and create a more meaningful and vibrant life because of what we went through. 


The Alchemize Your Life Course will help you to recognize how unresolved childhood trauma is impacting your life and will give you simple, concrete tools to heal your pain and release your struggles.


Alchemy is an ancient process of transforming lead into gold. This practice used both practical knowledge and mystical methods to accomplish the radical transformation of changing a dense element into a lighter element.


Healing our wounds from childhood requires trauma alchemy, the process that allows us to transform our woundedness into our true brilliance. This is also a practice that requires both practical knowledge and mysticism. 

This Course, Alchemize Your Life, introduces you to both.

What is Alchemy?

How Do You Know if You Experienced Childhood Trauma?

Many people don’t realize that what they went through as children is considered trauma because our society has conditioned us to believe that only the most horrific circumstances are traumatic. We have also doubted our own trauma because we were gaslit as children, being told that the misbehavior of those who hurt us was “all in our heads” and we were made to feel that we were the problem.

Any experience in childhood that made you feel unsafe and/or unworthy can be considered traumatic.

Ways that We Can Experience Trauma in Childhood:

Physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Living in an environment where others were abused, even if you weren’t.

Being taught that your needs, wants, and perspectives did not matter.

Expected to handle adult responsibilities at a young age.

Heavily controlled and not allowed to have fun.

Having parents who were harsh and critical, or absent and unavailable – or both.

Often feeling scared – for any reason.

Having to suppress how you felt because your parents could not handle your emotions.

Growing up in a family where there was domestic violence.

Having a parent who abused drugs or alcohol.

Growing up without enough food, shelter, or other basic needs.

Having parents with unpredictable moods.

Having a parent who everyone else thought was great, even though they mistreated you.

Stripe and Spheres

Signs That You Have Unhealed Trauma

Lack of focus and direction

Feeling like an impostor


Excessive anger

People pleasing

Chronic health issues






Relationship problems



Can you imagine

a life where you:

Feel secure and confident?

Truly love yourself?

Feel at peace with your body?

Attract a partner who adores you?

Are open to what life has to offer?

Enjoy life and have fun and interesting experiences?

Understand why you have gone through hardship and make peace with it?

Post-traumatic growth starts here. Choose to alchemize your life and free yourself from the confinement of your wounds.

Why I Can Help

Mindi Kessler PhD

I have been a trauma therapist for 25 years and have been trained in many top trauma approaches such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, & Logosynthesis. I have worked with children, adults, and families, guiding people of all ages through a trauma recovery journey. 


I have also gained tremendous wisdom as the result of my own trauma recovery. My journey has given me immense compassion for those who also have experienced abuse and neglect in childhood. I am very aware of the many long-term effects of childhood trauma and what it takes to resolve them, from both a personal and professional perspective.

That is why I created this course, Alchemize Your Life. It highlights the many aspects of trauma recovery that have worked for me and have also helped my clients to transform an unfulfilled life into a vibrant and happy life. I provide in this course, the material that would have helped me as I moved through my journey.

Alchemize Your Life

What to Expect in the Program

Alchemize Your Life is a 4-module program designed to be completed over a 4-month period. Each module has helpful videos and exercises to guide you in the process of transforming your life. My goal is to make trauma recovery as gentle and simple as possible.

In Module One, we explore why your life is not flowing smoothly. Many people don’t recognize that childhood trauma is the culprit when they are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and low self-worth for example. This module helps you connect the dots between what you went through growing up and the struggles you have now. You also get to create a vision for your life in this module, so you can get excited about what you can achieve as you heal yourself!


The focus of Module Two is to help you gain more mastery and understanding about your emotions. None of us like to be triggered, but we begin to feel empowered when we finally learn how to address our triggers and maintain our peace. 


Module Three addresses some power-topics when it comes to trauma recovery and “letting-go.” We explore the concepts of acceptance, trust, & forgiveness.  You will not master these topics in four months, but you will gain more understanding about how they fit into a trauma recovery journey and tools for allowing yourself to let-go more and more.

Lastly, Module Four is designed to help you bring on the fun, joy, & pleasure that you have been missing out on because you have been busy operating from survival mode. We can’t simultaneously be in a state of joy and fear at the same time.  As we heal, we more naturally enjoy life more, but we must also find ways to increase the fun factor with life along the way. This module will help!

 Transforming your life

takes determination and commitment.

It also takes time.

While you won’t be able to transform all aspects of your life

by the end of this 4-month course, you can expect to understand

much more about why you have been limited,

and what to do to feel better.

This course may not be for you if you:

Find it too triggering to participate in a self-directed course which may stir up uncomfortable feelings and memories that you are not ready to explore. 

Do not have the support necessary to help you have a safe container while doing personal growth work.

Prefer 1:1 support with a coach or through a group format.

*If you prefer additional support, please know I am available for 1:1 coaching and also offer a membership program for people interested in group coaching.*

No matter what your current challenges are,

there is a part of you that yearns for a magical life,

where there is ease, flow, joy, and fun.

Whether you have been involved in personal growth work for a while

or you are brand new to it, I welcome you to participate in this process

of personal alchemy, where you can learn to transform

your pain into a meaningful life.

Alchemize Your Life


Module 1

Understand: Why You Are Stuck

Introduction – What do you mean trauma?

Week One – Life Assessment

Week Two – How Wounding in Childhood Affects Us

Week Three – Imprints of Childhood

Module 2

Introduction: Why do We Suffer?

Week One – Triggers

Week Two – Trauma Narrative

Week Three –Emotion Mastery

Respond: Master Your Emotions

Module 3

Let Go: Let in the Flow

Introduction: What does it mean to let-go?” 

Week One – Acceptance

Week Two – Trust

Week Three – Forgiveness

Module 4

Introduction: Giving and Receiving

Week One – Love Changes Everything

Week Two  - Gratitude

Week Three – Joy and Pleasure

Expand: Making Life Even Better









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