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Are you Ready to Love
Your Whole Body?

The Live Body Solidarity Course

Learning to Love Your Body so You Can Transform Your Life.

A 6-module course (held over 12 weeks) with Mindi Kessler, PhD

Do you have a hard time loving your body?


Do you criticize your body for how it looks and how it feels?


Do you think your body has betrayed you because of pain, illness, or extra weight?


Are you hypercritical of your appearance for physical features you have a hard time accepting?


Do you know that judging your body is not good, but you can’t seem to stop?


If you said yes to any of these questions, then it may be time for

The Body Solidarity Course!

What is Body Solidarity?

Body solidarity means that you are on your own side.

Body solidarity is the practice of removing all the obstacles to accepting the state of your body, regardless of how it looks and feels.

It is the persistent pursuit of complete love and acceptance of your body.

The concept of body solidarity is also a calling for the collective, meaning all of us humans, to join in unity to create an environment on our planet where we all can feel safe to be ourselves in our bodies.

What if you could:

Make peace with your body, no matter how it looks or how it feels?


Why is it important to love your body?

Everyone wants to look beautiful and to have good health. But most of us feel that our bodies fall short of meeting our expectations. When we don’t like how we look or how we feel physically, we reject ourselves. 


Rejection of our body causes us to try to change and fix it. This leads to dieting, over-exercising, taking pills, or surgery. We may obsessively seek out doctors and treatments to heal our pain, injuries, and chronic illnesses. 


But these attempted solutions do not lead to the sustained changes that our heart desires. 


Any method to alter our bodies that comes from self-rejection cannot bring us peace and self-acceptance.


You might think what you want is for your body to change. But deep down, what you really desire is internal peace, which can only come from loving and accepting yourself.


Only from a place of love and acceptance can true transformation of our bodies occur. 


If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or heal from chronic illness, pain, or injuries, the solution begins by making peace with your body


Emotional healing precedes physical healing. This program will assist you in achieving the emotional transformation necessary to make a physical transformation possible.

How loving your body

Can Change Your Life!

We have all been heavily programmed about how to view our bodies based on conditioning from our families, media, schools, religion, and more. This conditioning has convinced us that anything short of perfection with our bodies is wrong, and that we should fix the “problem.”


There is no freedom in this viewpoint. Freedom comes from understanding our own personal power.

Our personal power comes from loving ourselves.

This is the transformation available to you in

The Body Solidarity Course

Here is what happens when you love and accept your body:

Freedom. You can make a choice to love and accept your body, rather than following the prescription of body loathing that society has laid out for you. This connects you to your personal power.

Wisdom. This course will teach you that your body is your teacher. Harnessing the wisdom innately held in your body can help you to tackle all sorts of difficulties in life with more ease. Learning to love and accept yourself no matter how you look and feel will give you what you need to embrace challenges rather than fight them.

Connection. Your relationship with your body is a metaphor for all other relationships. As you love your body more, you will find that all your other relationships can transform, which can lead to more love, connection, communication, and pleasure in your life.

Healing. Your body is only free to heal once you have learned what your symptoms are here to teach you. Sustained weight loss and improvement in your physical health can only take place as you learn to love and accept yourself.


I am here to help you understand why you are so persistently critical of your body and to guide you to take the steps necessary to change your relationship with your one and only, amazing body.

The Body Solidarity Course is For People who:

Feel betrayed by their body 

Deal with pain, illness, and injury

Hate the way they look

Cannot lose weight

Have experienced abuse and do not feel safe, even in their bodies

Are burned out on traditional approaches to lose weight or heal from illness/pain/injury

Want a new approach to personal transformation

Why Take This Course from Me?

Mindi Kessler PhD

I bring 25 years of experience as a trauma therapist, combined with my own personal experience of longstanding body challenges to the wisdom shared in this course.


I have personally lived with chronic pain and other health issues for over 30 years. I have had substantial limitations in my life as the result of how I have felt physically. I have also been judgmental of my appearance, with struggles related to perceiving myself as underweight and overweight. Improving how I felt physically has required me to develop a deep love and appreciation for my body. 

As I developed more love and acceptance for myself, my body healed, my relationships improved, and I felt more abundant in pretty much every area of my life. That’s why I was inspired to create The Body Solidarity Course. I want you to experience the transformation that I have.

Here are the details:

We will meet 6 times over the course of 12 weeks.

Each of the 6 modules come with an education video and workbook to support your learning and growth.

Access to the Body Solidarity Facebook group.

Here is what to expect in this course:

Clarity about how you feel about your body and why. No more suppression. Being honest with yourself is the authenticity you need to heal.

You will learn to see your body as your ally, no matter how you feel or look. Yes, even your belly fat and your injured knee are your friends. (I see your cringing, which means your are in the right place).

A new understanding about the meaning of your body problems.

The inspiration you need to put down your weapons. All your critical thinking and judgment of your body is killing you. Enough.

A guide who will be teaching you, encouraging you, and rooting for you every step of the way.
Personal accountability.

What People are Saying about The Body Solidarity Course

"I recently completed the 6 week body solidarity group with Mindi and as always, she did not disappoint!!  I've learned that being kind and easier on my body does more for me than anything else I've ever tried.  I have worked on stopping the negative talk, especially when eating something I have always identified as "wrong."  I have worked on loving what my body does for me and recognizing the many strengths it already has even when it's not where I want it to be.  And I've learned that the self sabotaging behaviors are simply just energy and to process that energy through my heart.  Gosh I could go on and on but suffice it to say that it was the best work I've ever done for my body and I'm so grateful for all of my work with Mindi, she's amazing!!!"

"I joined the Body Solidarity group because I wanted to be a part of an accepting and inclusive group where I could express my true feelings about my body. I was hoping to better understand why I was experiencing negative thoughts about my body size and shape. I realized that others in the group had similar feelings about their bodies as I did about mine. I felt open to express thoughts that I had never shared with anyone. I gained an acceptance and love for my own body."

"Through the Body Solidarity course, Mindi helped me look more deeply at the real causes of my health and body image frustrations.  The weekly journal prompts and discussions were key to helping me see the deep, real, and necessary meaning and true purpose of my sufferings.  I now see more clearly what I must heal in my heart in order to allow my body to heal and release these symptoms that were causing me great frustration.  I have hope that I can truly heal."

"If I could walk around with Mindi in my pocket I'd be set for life. :) Alternatively, I'll settle for the amazing guidance and resources she's given me in the body solidarity class. So many ah-ha moments - and SO much solidarity in joining other women in this self love journey. Walking away with new friendships, more love and confidence for myself, permission to set boundaries, and go-to nervous system regulation tools that are changing my life. Can't say enough good things about Mindi and her knowledge."

Body Solidarity Course


Week 1

Explore How You Really Feel about Your Body

You will explore what you dislike about your body and why in this module. We can only transform what we are aware of. Most of us operate on automatic pilot, merely thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings, and doing the same things, day after day. This module will assist you on getting clear about how you feel about your body which must occur before you can develop a more intentional, empowered, and loving perspective of your amazing body.

Week 2

Your Body Issues are Perfect for You – Part 1

In this module, we will explore how your body issues exist as an attempt to protect you. We have all experienced trauma. For people with chronic illness and pain, there has often been a history of extensive trauma. The symptoms our body holds, from autoimmune illnesses and various form of pain, are often the result of longstanding stress as the result of trauma. Many people feel betrayed by their body for these symptoms, which is an understandable reaction to dealing with chronic physical suffering. However, our body is always on our side, and our physical difficulties often result from what our body has been through and its attempt to protect us from the possibility of bad things happening again.

Week 3

Your Body Issues are Perfect for You – Part 2

After we have transcended our difficulties, we can often look back and understand how their presence in our life helped us to grow. We may only be able to see the good in adversity once we have overcome it. For this module, I will help you to see that the hardships you are facing with your body are perfectly meant to help you grow and align you with your soul’s mission in this life. When we can gain understanding about the purpose of our suffering, we can form a new relationship with our body and the symptoms it produces.

Week 4

Your Relationship with Your Body is a Metaphor

Your relationship with your body is a metaphor for all other relationships. In this module, you will learn to see that how you are treating your body will be mirrored to you though all your other relationships. If you don’t feel people listen to you, for example, it could reflect the fact that you are not listening to your body. If you wish your partner would be more affectionate, it could reflect the fact that your body wants more nurturing touch from you. This wisdom you can learn from your body symptoms can motivate you to be more attentive to your body, knowing that connecting more deeply with your body can help transform other problematic areas in your life.

Week 5

Appreciate Your Body, it’s the Only One You’ve Got

I know it can be very hard to be grateful for a body that doesn’t feel good and doesn’t look the way you want. I felt this for many, many years! But, if you want to transform your life, your relationship with your body holds the key. I will guide you to become your body’s ally by appreciating all it does for you. It wants your appreciation and you feel much better when you communicate to your body with love instead of judgment.

Week 6

Use Your Imagination

Your mind is powerful! In this module, I guide you to harness the power of your mind, using visualization, to focus on the changes in your body your desire. By this point in the course, you will have learned how important your relationship with your body is and you will be more willing to be compassionate and loving to your body. This enables you to begin to see a future without the body struggles that you currently have. Learning to visualize a life where you accept yourself and have a healthy body is an important step on your journey to body solidarity!


Begins Tuesday, February 27th at 4pm CST

PAY IN FULL: $1500


Begins Tuesday, February 27
th at 4pm CST

PAY IN FULL: $1200


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