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The Mind/Body Healing Workshop:

Learn How to Change Your Mind so You Can Heal Your Body

Did you know:

Nervous system dysregulation is the cause of most chronic health conditions?


Getting out of chronic fight/flight/freeze must occur before you can regain your health?


By changing your brain, you can heal your body?

Chronic illness, pain, and hypersensitivities to the environment are the result of a nervous system (and inner child) that mistakenly believes that you are in danger. This happens after experiences of trauma in childhood.

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Your brain’s #1 job is to ensure your survival. After trauma it will over-react to a non-threat rather under-react to something that could harm you. Your brain has the attitude “Never again on my watch.” 


For example, you might go into high alert when the doorbell rings, the neighbor’s dogs bark, or your child has a tantrum. These aren’t actually dangerous events, but your brain isn’t taking any chances. 


Frequent over-reactions to your environment put your body in survival mode instead of healing mode. Having a nervous system that’s always on the lookout for danger keeps you sick, exhausted, and in pain.

Are you ready for the knowledge and tools to get you on a healing trajectory?

Join me for my free

Mind/Body Healing Workshop to learn:

How your brain gets stuck in loops that activate your threat response.

Tools to re-wire your brain.


Daily practices to guide you into healing mode.

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