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Are you ready to make
        your best year yet?


a year long program of personal growth:

The Cycle Breaker Journey

Maybe you find yourself each January with the best of intentions to change your habits, change your body, and change your life. 


You mean well and give it your best shot, but you keep finding yourself back where you started, after a few weeks or less and feel disappointed in yourself. 


If you do not heal the wounds and beliefs that cause you to self-sabotage, you will find that you don’t get very far. 


If you want to make sustained changes in your life, it takes discipline, commitment, and a skilled guide.

Your journey awaits.

I have opened registration for the 2023 Cycle Breaker Journey –

a monthly year-long commitment to personal growth.



Monthly 2-hour group sessions, January - December.

Membership in each group is limited to 8 -10 people.

Each month you will receive a workbook to allow for self-reflection regarding the theme of the month. 

In our group sessions, I will do additional teaching on our theme and will support you in applying the material to your life. 

A private Facebook group will allow for support and community throughout the year.

An opportunity to profoundly shift how you think, feel, and behave.

Laughter, community, building confidence & self-understanding.

Why take the class from me:

I have been a trauma therapist for 25 years and I have healed myself from severe childhood trauma. I know what it takes to make significant changes in your life, which is why I developed this program. Cycle Breaker Journey is based on the material from my book Cycle Breaker: A guide to Transcending Childhood Trauma. I like to make healing work practical, simple, and light-hearted when possible.

Leading the Cycle Breaker Journey Class of 2022 was an incredible opportunity to work with people who were highly committed to transforming their lives. Our members brought their A game as they did their homework, attended monthly meetings, stayed curious, and invested in their personal transformation. 

Here’s what the
Cycle Breaker Journey
Class of 2022

has to say:

"I have made so many new discoveries about myself through the in-depth monthly topics in our Cycle Breaker group. I have learned about many invaluable resources to help me grow into my authentic self. It has also helped me feel like I’m part of a safe community where I can share."

The Cycle Breaker Journey



Personal Responsibility


Imprints of Developmental Trauma


Alchemize Your Triggers




Your Relationship with Money


A Time for Self-Reflection




Master Your Thoughts


Meet Your Inner Child


Self Sabotage


Make Peace with Your Body


End of Year Celebration & Integration of Gains

Benefits of doing a year-long program:

Develop a sense of safety within your group to allow for more vulnerability.

Consistency of meetings encourages you to stay focused on your growth.

The investment in yourself is an act of self-love.

Members can get benefits in a group that are inaccessible in a 1:1 setting.

> The feeling of “me too” – the recognition that you are not alone.

> The validating feeling of being seen and heard by people who understand.

> Shared laughter, compassion, and the exchange of ideas.

> A sense of community, knowing that others are working on the same stuff.

If you are interested in this program, please send me an e-mail at and I will arrange a time to talk with you to be sure this is the right program for you.



$200 per Month

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