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Feeling Triggered?

How to go From Fear, Frustration, & Fighting to Sweet Relief

Join me on March 13th at 5:00 CST
for a FREE Master Class!

Do you want to...

Know why you get so triggered?

Understand why small, seemingly silly things can bring out your inner Incredible Hulk?

Have a game plan so you don’t take out your anger on those you love, or the strangers in their cars who are driving under the speed limit?

Feel more inner peace, even when something is bothering you?

Calm Sea

Being triggered feels pretty sucky.  We can feel the whole range of unpleasant emotions all within a millisecond after someone did or said something we did not like. 


We can also be triggered by situations, such as getting an unexpected bill in the mail, or from a scene in a movie that we were enjoying until that plot twist revealed something dark that we didn’t see coming.


Drivers on the road who are moving too fast or too slow, children who won’t cooperate, and partners who don’t clean up the kitchen, can turn us into a version of our mother or father that we promised ourselves we would never become.


We may respond to triggers with anger by blaming, yelling, fighting, and hurting others in the process.  


Our reactions, when we are triggered can lead to guilt, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. We may want to turn back time, so that we can undo the thing we said in response to being triggered that made everything worse. 


Or we may respond with suppression, by stuffing our fear, rage, and disappointment inside. This does not feel good.


None of us like to be triggered, but it happens to us every day. Many times, in fact.


Help is on the way!


Helping people understand their triggers and knowing what to do when this inevitably happens is one of my specialties.

In this free Master Class,
I’m going to teach you what I teach my clients.

Here is what I will cover:

I will explain why we get triggered.

I will give you the steps to take to help you understand the wounds behind your triggers.

I will give you concrete steps you can take when you feel triggered so that you can more quickly experience relief.

My Free Master Class: 

is on March 13th at 5:00 CST.  Join below.

Feeling Triggered?

How to go From Fear, Frustration, & Fighting to Sweet Relief

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