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The Boundary Workshop

Learn to Set Boundaries So You Can Be Less Pissed

I’ve had a lot of requests for this.


For good reason.

We all struggle at times to set boundaries. 


We often don’t even know it’s a problem, until we find ourselves really pissed off. When we don’t set limits, we become the proverbial doormat.  


We find ourselves angry at others, but deep inside, we are angry at ourselves. For not saying no. 


When our kids don’t put their dishes away, don’t come home on time, and all we say is “no problem” we are betraying ourselves.


When we say, “You bet!” to the boss for the request to work overtime without pay, we are betraying ourselves.


When we agree to bake extra pies for the school bake sale when all we really want to do is curl up with a good book, we are depriving ourselves of self-love.


What are we so afraid of? 


Why do we act like a possum playing dead when we need to say no?

Here’s the tea: We are afraid of:

Disappointing others

Being rejected

Making others mad

Being perceived as selfish

Being perceived as mean

Not being liked

Being hurt

Hurting others

I too have had a big challenge with setting boundaries. I was afraid of all the above.

But what I hated worse than setting boundaries was the resentment that followed my self-abandonment, including the anger at myself and my crankiness towards those that I let take advantage of me. 


As a Cycle Breaker, author of the book Cycle Breaker, and a teacher of Cycle Breaker material, it will come as no surprise to you that the real reason that we are scared to set limits is because of our childhood wounding.

Boundaries MC Web Images.png

This is how your life will change when you address your boundary challenges:

You will be less angry.
You will have more confidence.
You will have more cooperation.
You will have more time.
You will be proud of yourself for being a boundary badass. 
You will have more respect.
Some people won’t like it, but you won’t care (or at least you won’t let it stop you).

Come to my free Boundaries Workshop and I will tell you:

How our childhood experiences affect our ability to comfortably set boundaries.

How to heal those childhood wounds.

How to set boundaries.

Friday, November 17th at 11:00am CST

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