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Cycle Breaker

A Guide to Transcending Childhood Trauma

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Now when I read this powerful work, which follows her own personal path through pervasive relational trauma, I understand trauma more deeply than ever before. I am certain that if professionals had read it years ago they would not have minimized or questioned the impact of trauma on human development.

Dr. Dan Hughes

Founder and Developer,

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)

What is a Cycle Breaker?

“Being a cycle breaker means you are the person in your ancestral line who puts an end to destructive intergenerational patterns. You are the courageous one who recognizes that how you were raised was harmful to you, and you don’t want to repeat the same patterns in your life.”

-From the book

Cycle Breaker: A Guide To Transcending Childhood Trauma

Did You Experience Childhood Trauma?

Many people do not realize they suffered trauma as children. I often hear people say “I should be over that by now;” “It wasn’t that big of a deal;” and “other people have it worse” when discussing a painful childhood. People often gaslight themselves by minimizing their own hurts and struggles

Common Symptoms of Developmental Trauma for Adults

Lack of focus and direction

Feeling like an impostor


Excessive anger

People pleasing

Chronic health issues







Relationship problems



You can break the cycle of intergenerational trauma in your family line.

You can transform an unfulfilling life into an extraordinary life.

The human spirit is tremendously capable of

transcending trauma.

Cycle Breaker:
A Guide to Transcending Childhood Trauma


What if there was a way to live a meaningful and peaceful adult life – even after a childhood where you felt unseen, unheard, and disrespected?


What if there was a way for you to recover your sense of self-worth,

self-confidence, and self-love?


If it were possible to let go of the anger and resentment you feel towards

those who hurt you, would you?


Are you ready to transcend your wounding from the past and live

with authenticity?

This book can show you how.


About the Book

Cycle Breaker: A Guide To Transcending Childhood Trauma is part memoir and part guide to support adults who want to recover from childhood trauma. Dr. Kessler tells her own story of realizing the depth of trauma she experienced growing up, after living with chronic pain and illness, anxiety, depression, and chronic self-doubt. She shares what she did to heal herself and the methods she uses to support the clients in her therapy and coaching practices.

This book will guide you to:

Understand the origins of your own suffering and recognize that your limitations are  not the result of who you are, but rather what happened to you.

Take personal responsibility for your own life by transcending helplessness, powerlessness, and codependency.

Learn more about why we suffer and how to embrace difficulty as a normal part of life.

Create a vision for your life, motivating you to live a life you love.

Recognize the common symptoms of childhood trauma, such as anxiety, depression, the need to control everything (you know who you are!), addictions, insecurity in relationships, low self-esteem, and more.

Understand more deeply, the components of a healing journey that will lead you back to your authentic self.

Praise for Mindi Kessler and Cycle Breaker

"This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to heal from childhood trauma and the chronic pain that results from it."

Elizbeth Kipp

Stress Management Specialist, Best-Selling Author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power.

...a life changing book! It helped me to understand the many ways that my own childhood influences my “triggers” as an adult. Dr.Kessler shares her profound insights into how we can look at our own lives and decide how to make changes that will help us heal. It’s truly possible to live a more purposeful life!
If you’re ready to live a more fulfilling and happy life I highly encourage you to read Dr. Kessler’s book...

"A balance of honest personal reflection and a challenge for healing, this book is a must read for anyone who has endured trauma and seeks practical and thoughtful insights and applicable tools for your healing journey."

Dr. Briana S. Nelson Goff

Professor, Kansas State University

Author of In Love and War: Stories of Couples Navigating Military Deployments and Life’s Battles

"Cycle Breaker" is a must read for anyone interested in taking ownership of their emotional and mental health. Mindi's practical, direct and compassionate approach laid the path for me to make progress in healing from childhood and adult relationship patterns that I've struggled with for years. The often used phrase "you have to love yourself before you can love others," holds truth and Mindi shows you how to get there."

"Childhood trauma has far-reaching impacts in adulthood. As a physician, I see many adult patients who suffer with a variety of physical ailments that have their basis in developmental trauma. These ailments are particularly challenging and frustrating for both patients and physicians as they are often difficult to diagnose and treat effectively unless the connection to trauma is recognized. This book is an excellent exploration of the many manifestations of trauma, including the physical, and offers hope, encouragement, and the steps on a path to healing."

"Dr. Kessler has taught me how to change my mindset, heal my past trauma, and comfort my inner child. She has given me tools to use in everyday life that assists me in my journey to a higher vibration & living my true essence. These tools have been an incredible gift in raising my children to be aware of their own needs & emotional intelligence. I highly recommend this book & recommend working with Dr. Kessler in any capacity that you are able to..."

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