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Your 21-Day
Body Solidarity Challenge Awaits...

Most of us wish that our body was different in some way – perhaps because of the extra weight we don’t want, the pain that won’t go away, or the illness or injury that has made it impossible to live life the way we used to.

Has chronic pain, illness, and exhaustion made life difficult and frustrating?


Do you long to feel better physically so you can have more freedom in life?


Perhaps you have tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to help?


Maybe you really wish that your physical features were “prettier” – such as your hair, your nose, or the shape of your body.


Does your body struggle to feel pleasure and is your sex drive & sex life a total bummer?

The rejection of our bodies – because of how they look, feel – or both, is a universal experience. We all have a tricky relationship with our body, until we can uncover why we struggle with it and commit to transcending our criticisms.

But how?

We have all been programmed by various institutions, such as our families, schools, medical community, religion, and media to hold certain perceptions of our bodies. This has been happening your entire life and it may feel that the judgments you have about your body are an unpleasant inevitability, like a moody teenager. Lol.


But, you are not meant to live your life on auto-pilot, merely succumbing to the messages you have been given about your body. We can all change our relationship with our body. We can all learn to love it, accept it, embrace it, adore it, cherish it, and treat it like our true best friend.

I can show you how.

Join me for my

21-Day Body Solidarity Challenge!

What You Can Expect

Daily Wisdom & Inspiration

Each day, I will share a short and simple Body Solidarity lesson. This wisdom will invite you to look at your relationship with your body from a new perspective. My unique approach comes from my extensive experience as a trauma therapist combined with the valuable wisdom I have learned on my own journey to heal my relationship with my body after decades of living with chronic pain and illness.

Journal Prompts

Self-inquiry is a necessary ingredient for personal transformation. The journal prompts provided each day invite you to introspect so you can uncover the limiting beliefs and perceptions that keep you at war with your body.


Each day, along with content designed to generate insights, new ways of thinking, and a softer approach to relating to your body, I offer you an invitation, a consideration for looking at your body from a higher perspective. The invitation may be action orientation, or reflection based. This encourages you to put into action the wisdom I share in your daily e-mail.


Every day for 21 days, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox, where I share wisdom and information regarding my unique perspective to body transformation. By committing yourself to 15-minutes a day to read the lesson and respond to the valuable journal prompts, you are learning, reflecting, and growing. By persistently engaging in the process to transform your relationship with your body over the course of 21 days, you are jump-starting or accelerating your healing journey with your body. Habit change requires persistence.

Private FB Group

Let me cheer you on in this private Facebook group just for Body Solidarity Challenge participants. You don’t have to do it alone! You can share your progress and ask questions in this group provided just for you.

Help is on the way!

Mindi Kessler Ph.D.

Mindi Kessler Ph.D.

As someone who has lived with 30 years of chronic pain and illness, the result of extensive childhood abuse, I spent much of my life at war with my body. I resented it for the debilitating pain and the exhaustion I lived with. For many years, I dealt with unyielding symptoms such as migraines, burning in my hands, feet, and mouth. I had multiple sleep disorders, heavy meatal toxicity, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis, and digestive problems that seriously limited what I ate for many years. I struggled with all of this while I was raising kids and missed out on so many important aspects of life as a result. It made me angry.

But I realized at some point, that my body was not the enemy. I learned that my body did not feel well or function well because of what it had been through during my childhood. My body helped me the very best it could to survive and navigate a dangerous childhood where I felt unsafe every day of my life. My body and I had both suffered, we were on the same team. And we needed each other to heal.


The result of making peace with my body is that I feel better, I am happier, and all aspects of my life have improved.  I realized that my relationship with my body was a metaphor for all my other relationships. And as I treated myself better, life got better.


I am passing on to you what has helped me to change my relationship with my body.

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