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Boundary workbook cover

The Boundary Workbook

Learning to set boundaries is one of the most important things you can do to have inner peace. Your ability to set boundaries reflects your confidence, self-love, and your courage.

Body Love Image_edited.jpg

Body Love Meditation

It's time for some self-love. Get comfortable and renew peace & respect for your body with this mindful meditation.

Are You A Cycle Breaker_Cover.png

Are You A Cycle Breaker?

A cycle breaker is someone who experienced wounding in childhood and strives to heal from it. The cycle continues until we break it.

Private FB Group.png

Cycle Breakers FB Group

This is a group for people who are on a healing journey to heal the wounds from childhood in order to create a meaningful and thriving adult life.

Book Cover.png

Cycle Breaker Excerpt

How do we recover from a childhood of heartbreaking pain that left us feeling inadequate, unworthy, and unloved? Learn to recover from the past and connect with our soul's purpose.

JBS tile icon.png

Journey to Body Solidarity

In this FREE 2-part video series, I share important wisdom and tools to help kick-start your journey to feel inspired and make peace with your body.

Body Solidarity FB Group.png

Body Solidarity FB Group

This is a friendly place where you can find your people and join other like-minded people on a body loving journey. Growth requires community.

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