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Pebble Beach

Group Programs

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Live Body Solidarity Course

You are ready to stop hating your body. You are tired of judging yourself for your weight, your height, and the variety of other complaints you have about your physical appearance. You don’t feel well, but you know it doesn’t help to focus on the limitations of your fatigue, pain, and illness.

You don’t know how to love your body, but you want to, and you are ready for a long-term solution.


Welcome to the Body Solidarity Course, an in-person or zoom course that will lovingly guide you to a new relationship with your body.

Woodland Path

The Cycle Breaker Soul Circle Group Coaching Membership

You aren’t messing around. You are ready for change. And you are not afraid to do the work, well maybe you are scared, but it’s okay. If you have been longing for deep personal growth and a supportive community of people who get you, then you may be ready for the Cycle Breaker Soul Circle.

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