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What Others Are Saying:

“Mindi is so approachable and makes me feel at ease sharing my thoughts. She encourages me to think on a deeper level and to understand how my past influences me today. She has shared invaluable resources with me, so I can continue on my journey to find my true and authentic self! She listens intently and gently encourages me to realize that I am valuable and loved! I truly feel she has shifted my thinking and made me more aware of how I can accept myself and others.”

"My work with Dr. Mindi Kessler has truly enlightened my everyday life and has given me powerful coping mechanisms to address trauma I have faced. I now have a beautiful relationship with my inner-child, which I never thought possible. I am forever grateful."

“I was apprehensive about starting therapy. I knew I was at a low, low place in my life mentally.  I was not in the spot I wanted to be in.  Meeting Mindi was such a blessing. She is so kind, thoughtful, confident, and nonjudgmental. She was able to guide me out of the dark area. She helped me regain my confidence in every kind of way.  With her help I was able to overcome a 15-year addiction to pain medication.”

“During my time with Mindi she has helped me uncover and heal the complexities of my lived experience and childhood trauma to embrace a healthier, more thoughtful way for dealing with those experiences. Our work together has positively impacted my relationships, my sense of self, and has given me the tools to help me cope with situations that would have previously caused much pain and suffering. Whether in an individual session or group, Mindi creates an atmosphere of calm and safety that allows her clients to confidently share and work collaboratively to bring out the best in themselves, and reflection if not resolution, to the issue at hand.”

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