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Heal Your Inner Child,
The Cycle Breaker Way

a master class

Are you on a personal growth journey and know that your inner child needs your TLC, but you don’t know how to give it?

Do you desire to feel more inner peace, but feel easily triggered?

Maybe you know about your inner child, but you are holding a grudge against her because just like an unruly puppy, you just want her to behave.

Perhaps you feel that since your adult life is a bit of a mess, you can’t possibly help your younger self.

What is an Inner Child Anyway?

Your inner child is the part of you that has not grown up, because she has been trapped in the past. She disconnected from you when she didn’t feel safe. 

As kids, when we are not seen, heard, and treated with respect, we dissociate, or disconnect from ourselves to cope with the emotional pain of abandonment and rejection. We do the same thing when we are physically harmed. Those parts of us who were wounded are still holding onto the pain from the past. 

Time does not heal our wounds. We heal our own wounds. A profound and lasting way to heal from childhood trauma is through our relationship with our inner child.

Many experiences in childhood can lead to inner child wounding. Perhaps you:

  • Grew up feeling that your needs, wants, and perspectives did not matter.

  • Were expected at a young age to handle adult responsibilities.

  • Were not allowed to have enough fun.

  • Had parents who were harsh and critical or absent and unavailable – or both.

  • Often felt scared.

  • Had to suppress how you felt as your parents could not handle your emotions.

  • Grew up in a family where there was domestic violence.

  • Had a parent who abused drugs or alcohol.

  • Grew up without enough food, shelter, or other basic needs.

  • Had parents with unpredictable moods.

  • Had a parent who everyone else thought was great, but they did not treat you well.

These are deeply painful experiences and as kids we are not equipped to deal with them, so we dissociate, or disconnect from ourselves so we can better handle a difficult life.

Why learn about inner child healing?

You cannot heal from childhood trauma without addressing your inner child’s wounds. Your wounded inner child has been waiting for you, because you are the only one who can help her.


This is not a burden. It’s an honor.


And when your inner child heals, your adult life flows more smoothly. You are calmer, happier, more present, and more playful.

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As a trauma therapist and a self-healer, I have been acquainted with the concept of the inner child for many years. For some of those years, I was not the best parent to myself. I felt so depleted, that caring for my inner child felt out of reach.


Through my own healing journey and in my work with clients, I have created a beautiful process for inner child healing that makes it simple (yet not always easy) and rewarding. Even my most skeptical clients have told me how much better they feel after attending to their inner child. 


In this master class, I will teach you how to take care of your inner child, perhaps in a way that they have never been cared for before.

Here is what you will learn:

Who your inner child is

Why you have an inner child

How to tell when your inner child is trying to get your attention

How to give your inner child what they need

If you are ready to learn more about how you can love your inner child and heal yourself, sign up for my free Master Class: Heal Your Inner Child, The Cycle Breaker Way.

Here are the details:

My free Master Class, Heal Your Inner Child, The Cycle Breaker Way will be held through zoom on Tuesday, April 4th at 5pm CST.

If you can’t attend the live class, a recording will be provided in the Cycle Breakers Facebook group.

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