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Nervous System Regulation Workshop:

Resolve Your Internal Conflicts to
Improve Your Health

Do you experience any of the following:

Easily losing your temper

Micromanaging people because you are afraid they won’t do things “right”




Health symptoms such as IBS, chronic pain, or autoimmune disorders


Feeling easily overwhelmed


Difficulty setting boundaries

If you said yes to any of these indicators of nervous system dysregulation, then you are in the right place! This workshop is going to help you understand why you struggle to feel calm and what you can do about it. 

I am here to help you learn more about how your nervous system works, and how to befriend it so you can feel calmer and have better health and vitality.


Important Nervous System Facts

  • Your nervous system is the part of you that is acutely aware of what is happening both inside you and outside you. It’s #1 job is your survival. 


  • When your nervous system perceives that you are in danger, it will enact the most effective survival strategy possible to protect you.


  • This is important if you are truly in danger. But if you experienced childhood trauma, then your nervous system is operating from a distorted lens. This means that your nervous system often perceives non-threatening things as threatening. 


  • Your nervous system is committed to helping you avoid the bad things that happened when you were younger. It would rather error on the side of protecting you when there is no danger then to ignore a potentially lethal event. 


  • This is why you can get easily triggered even around people you love – when you perceive them to be emotionally distant, or when they lose their cool. 


  • The over-activation of the nervous system from feeling unsafe in childhood is the primary cause of pain and chronic illness.

I am bringing my 25+ years as a trauma therapist along with the wisdom I learned in regulating my own nervous system to this information packed workshop.

In this Nervous System Regulation Workshop, you will gain:

A deeper understanding of how your nervous system works.

Knowledge about the relationship between your inner child and your nervous system. 

Tools to change your story so you can free yourself from the past.

Concrete tools you can use to calm yourself.

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