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Emotional Freedom

Learn to Navigate Your Emotions Like a Boss so You Can Live with Confidence instead of Fear

Nobody loves to be triggered. That angsty feeling that emerges when faced with something you really wish wasn’t happening is unpleasant! I know it all too well myself.


It could be an unexpected bill, a child who is having BIG feelings, or a partner who is angry or disengaged that sparks the dreaded feeling of tension in your shoulders, racing in your heart, and the ensuing desire to run, hide, or play dead.

The good news, my friends, is that you can learn how to stop dreading your emotions. In fact, if you truly want to embrace your divine power and embody your true self, you can decide that you are going to learn how to MASTER your emotional life.


That’s right, if you are ready to stop playing small, living at the mercy of your ego, who keeps telling you, “You can’t handle this!” then you can learn to embrace your emotions, learn what they are here to teach you, and confidently handle whatever comes your way.

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Here is what you need to know about emotions:

  • Emotions are energy and are meant to move quickly through your body.

  • Emotions are sensations in the body and as you learn to feel them, you can connect with what they want you to know.

  • Emotions lead you to your inner wisdom, the divine part of you that wants to lovingly guide you on your path.


Once you can understand why you have emotions and learn tools to help you navigate them, you will gain more freedom in your life. When you have knowledge and a plan, you can respond to strong emotions with more confidence and curiosity, and you will be so proud of yourself for facing what you previously avoided.

In this workshop, I will:

  • Explain the purpose and benefit of emotions.

  • Show you how to effectively move through strong emotional reactions.

  • Teach you how to use your emotions to connect with your inner wisdom.

Learning emotional mastery will not only help you feel better, but it will also benefit all your relationships.

Join me for my workshop,

Emotional Freedom:

Learn to Navigate Your Emotions Like a Boss so You Can Live with Confidence instead of Fear

This workshop will be held through zoom on

Wednesday, May 24th from 4-6pm.

This 2-hour workshop is only $39.

It is free for Cycle Breaker Soul Circle Members and Coaching clients.

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