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White Sands

Self Study Courses

Self Study Body Solidarity Course

You are ready to stop hating your body. You are tired of judging yourself for your weight, your height, and the variety of other complaints you have about your physical appearance. You don’t feel well, but you know it doesn’t help to focus on the limitations of your fatigue, pain, and illness.

You don’t know how to love your body, but you want to, and you are ready for a long-term solution.


Welcome to Body Solidarity Course, the self-study course that will lovingly guide you to a new relationship with your body.

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Alchemize Your Life Course

Are you ready to transform your life? This 4-month on-line program can assist you to understand why you are stuck, and offers clear, simple strategies for transcending your pain and creating a vibrant and fun life.

This program includes 4 modules: Understanding Why You Are Stuck; Emotional Mastery, Letting Go, and Making Life Even Better.

This course is based on the material in my book, Cycle Breaker: A Guide to Transcending Childhood Trauma.

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Heal Your Inner Child Course

Maybe you have heard about inner child healing, but you don’t really know what it means. Or you know what your inner child is, but you don’t know how to heal her. Wherever you are on your inner child healing journey, you can benefit from this course.

This course provides a simple way to help you strengthen your relationship with your inner child. I guide you through the process of letter writing, play, and meditation, so you can befriend this vulnerable part of you and meet her needs for healing.

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