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Are You Ready to
Heal Your Inner Child?

Heal Your Inner Child

Reparent Yourself to Achieve Inner Peace
A self-paced course by Mindi Kessler, PhD

Are you easily triggered?

Do you feel hopeless, powerlessness, and helpless at times?

Do you feel annoyed with yourself, wishing you could just get your life together? 

Do you find it hard to be compassionate with yourself?

Do you feel that your wounds from the past are keeping you stuck?

Do you live with physical pain or illness?

I understand!

 I felt insecure, depressed, and easily rattled most of my life. Until I healed my wounds from childhood, I felt very stuck, alone, and perfectionistic. I wrote about my experiences in my book Cycle Breaker: A Guide To Transcending Childhood Trauma. One of the most important things I did for myself on my healing journey, was learn how to tend to the needs of my inner child

I learned that when I was triggered, it was my inner child who needed to be seen and heard – because her needs in childhood were not met – and she needed me to be the parent to her that she did not have as a kid. As I healed my inner child, I felt more and more calm. Inner Child Healing, without a doubt, is one of the most important aspects of the work to do on a personal growth journey.

What is an Inner Child Anyway?

Your inner child is the part of you that has not grown up, because she has been trapped in the past. She disconnected from you when she didn’t feel safe. 

As kids, when we are not seen, heard, and treated with respect, we dissociate, or disconnect from ourselves to cope with the emotional pain of abandonment and rejection. We do the same thing when we are physically harmed. Those parts of us who were wounded are still holding onto the pain from the past. Time does not heal our wounds. We heal our own wounds. A profound and lasting way to heal is through our relationship with our inner child.

Many experiences in childhood can lead to inner child wounding. Perhaps you:

  • Grew up feeling that your needs, wants, and perspectives did not matter.

  • Were expected at a young age to handle adult responsibilities.

  • Were not allowed to have enough fun.

  • Had parents who were harsh and critical or absent and unavailable – or both.

  • Often felt scared.

  • Had to suppress how you felt as your parents could not handle your emotions.

  • Grew up in a family where there was domestic violence.

  • Had a parent who abused drugs or alcohol.

  • Grew up without enough food, shelter, or other basic needs.

  • Had parents with unpredictable moods.

  • Had a parent who everyone else thought was great, but they did not treat you well.

These are deeply painful experiences and as kids we are not equipped to deal with them, so we dissociate, or disconnect from ourselves so we can better handle a difficult life.

Here are the signs that your inner child needs your help:

You feel you have to prove yourself.

You crave approval from others.

You consistently feel unworthy.

You put others on a pedestal.

You worry about being judged.

You are hypercritical of yourself – and others.

You are an overachiever and a people pleaser.

You are underfunctioning through procrastination and helplessness.

You have addictions.

You are in unfulfilling relationships.

You unnecessarily apologize to others – or struggle to apologize.

You tend to blame others – or blame yourself for everything.

You have a hard time regulating your emotions and are easily triggered.

You procrastinate and have a hard time finishing things.

You do not sleep well.

You have chronic health issues.

You find yourself regularly feeling victimized.

The goal of inner child healing is to access those parts that have been dissociated, to bring healing to the wounds, and to integrate them back into your wholeness.

It’s a beautiful process, to be your own hero.

You can heal yourself, and the truth is, you are the only one who can do it.

Blue Water

How you will feel as you Heal Your Inner Child

When your inner child feels calmer…the adult you will feel calmer.

When your inner child feels taken care of…the adult you will naturally take better care of yourself.

When your inner child feels more seen and heard… the adult you will feel more confident and secure.

You will Also Experience:

More inner peace

More patience

More love

More flow in your life

More self-compassion

Better self-care

This course guides you to heal your inner child using 3 gentle and easy modalities:

Writing letters to your inner child

Playing with your inner child

Guided meditations, allowing you to reparent your inner child

Heal Your Inner Child


Module 1

Meet Your Inner Child

You get to meet your inner child, learn who your inner child is, and how to reconnect with her in this module! This is the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship with little you. You are embarking on a journey of improved peace and well-being in your life. You get to be the parent to yourself you have always wanted. Yay!

Module 2

Meet Your Inner Child’s Unmet Needs for Love

This is where the magic happens! You will begin to understand more about how not being loved properly in childhood has affected you. You will reclaim your power as you give your inner child what you did not get growing up, through claiming, encouragement, support, love, and curiosity. What a gift to give to yourself!

Module 3

Meet Your Inner Child’s Unmet Developmental Needs

You get to help yourself grow back up in this module! You will identify circumstances from childhood when your developmental needs were not handled well. Maybe your parents did not give you enough support when you began school or entered puberty. We can stay stuck in certain developmental stages if we experienced trauma during these important stages of growth. By being your own parent now, you can bring healing to your younger selves, which can help you move past stuck developmental stages.

Module 4

Milestone Re-Do

Your parents may have “put baby in the corner,” but you get to bring her center stage now! You will identify a wound from the past when your special moment was not treated as special by your parents. Perhaps your parents blew off your birthday or maybe you didn’t go to prom. It’s not too late! You can give yourself a re-do by throwing yourself a proper birthday party or prom, or anything else that your younger self desires. Use your creativity as you reparent yourself by providing a re-do of a mishandled or missed out on special occasion for your younger self.







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